Yin Yoga, Tea, & Vision Board Journey

Join me for a magical afternoon of Yin Yoga
and Creating Vision Boards!

Yin Yoga and Vision Board Journey at Peaceful Shift

This journey is $20 
Only 11 spots available
Please RSVP/pay by Feb 15 to hold your spot
Mail Check to (or contact me for other arrangement):

Tracy Airth
2020 Pecho Rd
Los Osos, CA 93402
(805) 801-1890  tracy@peacefulshift.com

Your journey will begin with 30 minutes of gentle Yin Yoga; variations of seated and supine poses held for 3 to 5 minutes. You slow down, go inside, observe your experience, breathe, and explore. Your muscles remain soft and relaxed during each pose, allowing you to access and stretch fascia, ligaments, and tendons. Your connective tissue becomes lubricated which improves cellular communication, offers calm and balance, increases circulation and flexibility, allows better joint mobility/stability, and provides overall improved flow of energy within your body. You’ll feel incredibly receptive after this short Yin Yoga session and ready for our imaginative afternoon.

Your free-flowing mind, heart, and body will be open for the creation of vision boards which will embody the desires, goals, and magic you wish to attract into your life. While enjoying healthy snacks and sipping tea; you’ll flip through magazines and choose pictures and phrases that naturally leap off the pages. Your intuition will be your guide as you arrange and paste your harvest onto poster boards. Relax and allow your peaceful shifts to unfold! There will be time for sharing if desired.

I’ll provide all of the props for yoga and materials for the vision boards – plus, snacks and tea!     

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