Client Testimonials

Simplify Session was Absolutely Transformational!

My Simplify session with Tracy was absolutely transformational. For over a year I procrastinated organizing my messy bathroom storage areas because it felt too overwhelming. With Tracy’s help (and her excellent "Bin Shift Method”!), within 2 hours my chaos was replaced with clean, organized spaces that gave me pleasure each time I opened a door or drawer in my bathroom. It felt genuinely freeing to let go of years of accumulation that was just taking up space and now, instead of feeling overwhelmed, I’m inspired to tackle other clutter areas as well!

Thank you, Tracy, you are indeed a gift!

~ Holly Padove, Arroyo Grande, CA

Making Room for Living More Simply
I've had three simplifying sessions with Tracy as she helped me move from simplifying my bedroom to my home office. Tracy is the best. She turns cleaning out your closets into a reflective time of self honor. It was much more than uncluttering my physical space. It was releasing the things that no longer bring me joy, and positioning the things that do bring me joy in such a way that I can actually enjoy them. In the sessions I made a contract with myself, then did a short meditation and yoga stretches to pave the way for a peaceful shift of releasing the things that no longer serve me, and making room for living more simply. Thank you for stepping out of the box in your approach to simplifying.

Mary Kaltenbach - Atascadero, CA

Thank You for Saving My Sanity!

Tracy, I wanted to thank you for the Reiki session we had last month. I could not get over how relaxed I felt when we were done. I felt like I had just had a relaxing week long vacation. I noticed that my attitude about life and this crazy world we live in has improved also. I feel more grounded and am looking forward to a Reiki session once a month now. Your Restorative Yoga class is great too. I had been looking for a good Restorative Yoga class for 3 years until I found yours. Thank you for saving my sanity!!

~Namaste, Leslie Spoon

Kindest of Energy Healers

I have practiced metaphysical healing modalities for over 25 years and Tracy is by far one of the most gifted and kindest of energy healers to be known.  Her restorative yoga classes are a must for my mental sanity, and when life gets a little too much, a Reiki session ALWAYS puts my mind and body back into a trustful, kinder place.  If you feel like life is running you over, step out and step in to a Peaceful Shift with Tracy.

~ Cathy Jamieson, Los Osos

Cozy, Welcoming Restorative Yoga Space

Tracy, thank for the cozy, welcoming restorative yoga space and helping me “Peacefully Shift” from the hecticness of daily life into a place of comfort and relaxation. I love the fact that all I have to do is show up and you do everything else along with providing yoga mats and any needed props. You do an awesome job of demonstrating each yoga pose and alternative positions, so each individual is able to be in a place of comfort that is best for their bodies. After a session with you, I feel calm, relaxed and restored, as if I just had a 90-minute massage! Since I am a visitor to the Los Osos area, I appreciate that I can pay for each individual yoga session and not have to purchase a required number of sessions. I highly recommend Restorative Yoga sessions with Tracy to anyone who is in the Los Osos area and to anyone who is visiting.

~ Sue Lomp - Iowa