Celebrate Global Love Day
with tolerance, love & peace

global love dayIt’s Global Love Day! What better way to celebrate it than with Tolerance, Peace, and Love. Here’s a little story about a day I was reminded:

tolerance = love = peace.

Last year my dear friend and neighbor, John, guided me back to the love and peace in my heart after I had a little slip off the ol’ loving-kindness train. I shared with him a “story” of frustration around a “situation” that had been going on for months (guy sleeping in car close to our fence…peeing in empty lot next door as we gaze out during breakfast…and some mention of me…our old truck…pulling close to car…while guy still sleeping…to get “work” done along our fence). I rambled on for a bit and he patiently listened. When my rant ceased, he gently and wisely said, “Well, Tracy, it’s simply a matter of tolerance.”  Bam. This statement woke me up instantly and I clearly saw how I had slipped into old patterns around this “situation” and my “story”.


I hurled my “story” off the planet and surrounded my “situation” with positive energy, tolerance, acceptance, and love. I’m happy to report that the “situation”, or rather, “beautiful lesson” remedied itself within two weeks! Yes, I’m serious. I never met this person; however, my wish is he had a good turn of luck. It had been months of frustration and “stories” around my “beautiful lesson” versus letting go and remembering all the cool stuff in my toolkit…love, compassion, acceptance, kindness, tolerance, and offering breakfast and a porta-potty.


So, friends, when you find yourself in a “story” around a “beautiful lesson”, I humbly suggest you dig deep and surround it with tolerance and all the good stuff in your toolkit. You will indeed find love and peace along the way. Plus! You’re paying that positive energy forward to that “beautiful lesson” for their shift to love and a shingled roof over their head.


On that Love note…

Happy Global Love Day!  Yes, it’s true!

may special peaceful shift


The Love Foundation (thelovefoundation.com) has been celebrating Global Love Day every May 1st since 2004. Be a part of Global Love Day and choose love, tolerance, peace, compassion, and unity. Share this event with your friends, relatives, neighbors, coworkers, etc. Let’s love locally and spread it globally!


Try some love on for size:  Close your eyes. Place your hands on your heart. Take a nice deep breath and allow your body to expand. Bring a smile to your face (releases serotonin and dopamine to your brain). Saturate your heart with love. Imagine every being on this planet filled with love (and tolerance).


How can global love become a reality every single moment of each day? Please share your loving and tolerant thoughts on my Facebook page!  If you enjoyed this article, read more like it on my Peaceful Shift blog.


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