Get your Shift Together – Simplify!

What will the simplify process do for you?  You will discover a sense of freedom, calm, more time, visual joy, and the ability to breathe easier in your own home.  Energy flows more readily in simple and organized surroundings – everything around you is streamlined to what you truly love…my motto is “Love it or Leave it!”.

I use lightweight clear plastic bins when I assist clients in the Simplify process  – lovingly referred to as my “Bin Shift Method”.  Each bin is labeled: Recycle, Trash, Donate, Keep, Elsewhere (items that belong in another room).

Enjoy tips from my Bin Shift Method below! I’d love to see your journey on my Peaceful Shift Facebook page!

Purchase 5 clear plastic bins measuring approximately 23” x 16” x 12” and label them, as shown in the photo. The bins you use will vary depending on what area of your home you are streamlining. For instance, when cleaning out clothes closets you might only use the Donate, Keep, and Elsewhere bins.  When cleaning out file drawers you may only use the Recycle, Trash, Keep, and Elsewhere bins.  You may even come up with your own label!

Pick a room where you’d like to begin a magical shift in your life (bedroom closets are typically the first choice). Start the simplify process by pulling everything out and create categories of your things (tank tops, short sleeve tops, etc).  Look at the categories, find the duplicates within each category, and then narrow down to what you use most and love (e.g., 8 white tank tops – pare down to your favorite).  Let the excess go into the appropriate bin – DONE.  This method applies to all rooms in your home and beyond. Voila!  There you have it.  Simple.

Trust me, you will love this process once you get started!  Journal your progress from the start and notice how you feel as you move along in your journey.

Do you prefer some support to launch into your Simplify Shift?  I’m here to guide you along the way.  Let’s get your “shift” together (together)!

In gratitude,


Peaceful Shift

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