Celebrate your Inner Freedom!

Ah, July…this month I turn inward to consider some things that offer me a sense of freedom – here’s a quick list of beauty and joy in my life:


Truly letting go
Time spent in nature
Savoring a simple life
Opening my body with yoga
Peace in meditative stillness
Healthy foods and beverages
Taking in a beautiful deep breath
Gratitude every day and in every way
Selecting positive words when I speak
Being present in each and every moment
Healing my body with beautiful Reiki energy
Precious time with friends, family, and animals
Shifting all thoughts in a joyful and loving direction
Creating more open space in my calendar each day

What offers you inner freedom?!  

Have fun with this process and celebrate your list!  Shift into this journey with a positive perspective; select “____(uplifting word or sentence)____ offers me inner freedom” versus “I am free from ___(yucky word or sentence)____”.

Feel free to share your Inner Freedom highlights on my Peaceful Shift Facebook page!

In gratitude,


Peaceful Shift


  1. Sky on June 3, 2018 at 3:03 pm


    I LOVE what you wrote, above: “Have fun with this process and celebrate your list! Shift into this journey with a positive perspective; select “____(uplifting word or sentence)____ offers me inner freedom” versus “I am free from ___(yucky word or sentence)____”.

    AND guess what I just typed into my facebook page, just a few minutes ago, BEFORE reading what YOU wrote, above! This poem:

    “To Deliberately Choose A Life
    Centered Primarily On Celebration
    ~ Not On Suffering
    (W/O Denying It ~
    Embracing All Experiences)”

    AND I love getting together with ppl and engaging in such exercises as the one you suggest. Beginning with, here’s another example, “I celebrate……….” And just repeating ongoing sentences for 5, 10, 20 minutes, maybe even longer. Taking turns, eye gazing with another, sharing like this.

    Another one I am really looking fwd to begins with, “I love and celebrate my life’s joy in …” as well as, “I love and celebrate my life’s sorry in…” So that EVERYTHING is celebrated and loved as part and parcel of one’s full life and sacred destiny!

    Loving you, may we bliss forth!


    • Tracy on June 11, 2018 at 7:36 pm

      Thank you, Sky! I appreciate your enthusiasm with these life-changing ways of being! : )

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