Shift Your Focus and Choose Good Emotions


We have choices each day to feel good or bad emotions. My intent for this blog post is to plant a seed; shift your focus and choose positive feelings, thoughts, words, intentions, and stories. You’ll be amazed at the results as you draw fresh loving energy into your life. Create a habit around this idea…

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Fall into Stillness

Legs up the Wall Pose

I love falling into stillness in this pose called Legs Up The Wall…or, as seen here, Legs Up The Tree. We have many eucalyptus trees surrounding our home; I couldn’t resist the urge to ask my friend, Hayley, to snap this photo of my mat in the fallen leaves and my legs up this mighty…

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Shift Out of Head … Into Body

Dance into your Body

I’m hearing a theme as I talk with people this summer…busy minds that won’t stop.  I felt compelled to write suggestions of how to shift out of your head and into your body – enjoy!

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