Hold it Together
With Gratitude, Meditation, & Streamlining


  We all have our ups and downs on this rollercoaster we call life.  I had a little hiatus from writing blog posts as I navigated my mother’s declining health and then her passing in February. I miss my mom more than words can say and felt prompted to share how I was able to…

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Effortlessness Through Simplicity

Streamlined Simplicity Closet

I love effortlessness and simplicity. Meet my closet.  Everything I wear is visible and easy to reach – all in one simple glorious space: work clothes, casual clothes, horse-riding clothes, yoga clothes, undergarments, jewelry, jackets, shoes, hats, pajamas, socks, scarves, belts, purses, shorts, bathing suits, slippers. The epiphany to move everything to one place manifested…

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Fall into Stillness

Legs up the Wall Pose

I love falling into stillness in this pose called Legs Up The Wall…or, as seen here, Legs Up The Tree. We have many eucalyptus trees surrounding our home; I couldn’t resist the urge to ask my friend, Hayley, to snap this photo of my mat in the fallen leaves and my legs up this mighty…

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Shift Out of Head … Into Body

Dance into your Body

I’m hearing a theme as I talk with people this summer…busy minds that won’t stop.  I felt compelled to write suggestions of how to shift out of your head and into your body – enjoy!

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Get your Shift Together – Simplify!

Bins for Simplify Journey

What will the simplify process do for you?  You will discover a sense of freedom, calm, more time, visual joy, and the ability to breathe easier in your own home.  Energy flows more readily in simple and organized surroundings – everything around you is streamlined to what you truly love…my motto is “Love it or…

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