Best Hiccup Remedy Ever! Cure Your Hiccups Every Time.

Ready for the best hiccup remedy ever?

I felt prompted to write this simple post after sharing my brilliant cure for hiccups a few times over the past month.  I suppose this ties in well with my yoga, reiki and simplify services, as we would want a quick hiccup solution during those special moments as well as any other time, for sure.  Tuck this tip in the back of your mind until your next spell of hiccups.


So, here we go:

  1. Pour a glass of water (or whatever drink you have available at the moment).
  2. Inhale deeply and hold your breath.
  3. Sip water (or whatever) 14 individual times without letting go of your breath. Sip, swallow, sip, swallow…
  4. Resume breathing and enjoy your hiccup-free existence.
  5. You’re welcome.  : )


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